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selfishness overload

actually friendship is matter when it is about completing tasks for others benefits. yes if you are not anything important to me yes f off I don't care but can your f brain think for a moment, you need everyone for some time, just a period of time.

I never had this slow talk or what ever. thinking about others condition I did some f thing that is below my limit, that is 'slow talk'. but mates, if u guys see me slow talked to u, so do something to fix that what I was talking about. I have let down my selfishness to care about others.

but if you cannot even think about it, don't f think you would ever gain respect from me. seriously don't challenge my ego. once I yell at u, which is one day, that's my limit to you. serious talk.

I don't mind you to be selfish, but I am not that type told ya. but you see, it isn't a problem if you are alone to f not to talk to me. but it is a big problem, when you ask other to not talk to me.

sometimes I feel like this when I see your face hahahahahaha.

can ask me what ever

we are all the same. we are people, we are nobody else but colors. but some people have more than a color. yes, people fcuking did mistakes. if you are not, you are boring.

let me tell you something that you would have been probably forgotten. if I do have my past that haunting me throughout years, that sometimes I can't stop myself from behaving like that again, you have to know, I have parts in my life. my life when I was growing up, my life when I was getting flooded with bunches of different people, my life when I was committing my first sin, my life when I was being first exposed to the wrongdoings and yes, my life when I am turning back to be a better muslim.

because I cannot promise that I have made my rigid move. that is why I am still searching for the time where I can fully filled my life, with Iman.

so when you are confusing something, don't tell people about what did you see. you can ask me what ever you feel doubt about what am I doing.


tajuk terlalu deskriptif tapi bukanlah aku sempitkan ke arah satu satu aspek. 

sebab kalau infrastruktur, kemudahan kafeteria selesa, buat apa aku nak ada perasaan ofensif.

sebab kalau orang orang bermentaliti buat apa aku nak teliti dari segala sisi manusia kat sini.

negeri biasa biasa cukup lah yang biasa, nak lima bintang bagi aku tengok AEON pun okey.

berbaur sedikit sedih dan sedikit ras.

open ocean

where a journey of mystery begins.



nak aku penuhkan satu malam untuk aku untuk berbual dan terus berbual.
dan mendoakan yang terbaik untuk ayah.
hampir setiap kali aku berdoa.

maaf atas apa apa yang mengguris hati ayah. selamat hari jadi :)

aku pernah rasa

dalam pelajaran,
dalam percintaan,
dalam persahabatan,
dalam membuat keputusan.
dan apabila aku rasa hidup ini punyai warna. aku rasa gagal itu kejayaan.

kerana apa,
gagal dalam pelajaran membuat aku bersyukur,
gagal dalam percintaan membuat aku berhenti dan lebih berhati hati,
gagal dalam persahabatan membuat aku kembali bebas berjalan,
dan gagal membuat keputusan membuat aku lebih matang untuk berurusan dengan masa hadapan.

terima kasih kepada sesiapa yang terima siapa aku.

tajam hujungnya

aku melihat cinta itu indah dan dingin,
sesuatu yang indah harganya mahal bukan,
jadi dari luar aku hayati dan resapkan,
kesemua bianglala cair yang kau ukirkan,

dan bila aku cuba aku berhenti,
dan aku mula melihat diri aku sendiri, 
hey rama - rama, ini belum lagi refleksi,
yang selanjutnya kau perlu amati,
kerana cinta sebenarnya begini,
apa - apa yang terlanjur dari segala segi.


I am a chemical kid

it's been an exhausting life we had been thru, but yet so many things have made us blind and can't see the lights and how would we possibly walk at this time? one day you'll understand about it.

so someone lend me a book, Al Chemist. actually I have been interested at reading novel when I was younger yet I never finished books I read ever since hehe. yes I had books at home well just a light reading I had but when I never finished one and move to another books because I can't see so many tiny alphabet arranged in sentences with paragraphs in hundreds of pages. I just can't. well, I can't be more serious by now but I have to read, because the important thing is I see, we should sometimes please our interest and make it possible, as long as it is worth doing it.

so at least, when it is a need of returning, we will do as what it is pleasured. perhaps I will find myself in words, so I don't feel so much alone next time.

thousand thoughts


vast majority of us, know how much important money, smart attires, comfortable houses, delicious foods. we see the difficulties in life, when we're not having those. so we're crossing the road of world, learning, working and contributing. with problems in our thoughts, so much worries till sometimes we don't even know how to solve them and we're just not giving a f about it. and we're having so much thinking about life, how to live better, because we see how elders are living. so be careful with your thoughts, because they are sometimes can direct you, to not see the death in front.

raise your hand, and cry all night long to your Creator.

understanding Islam

people can talk hundred of different language, getting different cultures, having different body structure and color, possessing titles.

but when it is about Deen(religion). we're all same and we're all respecting each other.

p/s : I have seen people who has no ability to talk, but they are doing Da'wah(preaching).

take my hand

excitement we all have. but for myself, a little bit boring with this life. everyday we're doing the same things, same things as our old people did last time.

so can you, hold my hand. 
and we walk till the end of our path.