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Allah, I really want to meet your Love, Prophet Muhammad Solallah alaihi wasalam. but how could I see him, with my sinned eyes, how could I touch him, when I have done many dirty things with my own hands.
O Allah, accept me.
O Allah, I ask you for forgiveness. 
O Allah, guide me to the path which You has bestowed your blessing.



and some other contributing factors.
one of them,

a full note

I'm sorry. that would be my last word I would picture after all things happened.
everything that I think you are dealing with, have been settled. so much you said.

so much hatred I have put inside all of the people around me. so much thoughts I've heard from people. so much anger I hid all the way. so much I tried to learn, I failed. and that was enough.
I can probably say I can't be happy anymore, because I wasn't born to be an impostor of what I think I should be around the people that I love. it's the matter of time. I could be different in a second but once you can bear with it, without asking what do I mean, I would be the happiest amongst us. if it isn't, at least for me.

 that is why I need you.

mencari yang kabur

aku ialah realiti,
masih lagi mencari siapa diri aku sendiri.
kenapa setiap perkara yang aku lakukan tidak pernah menyenangkan ;
hati - hati manusia yang berdamba di siang hati,
yang hanya melihat aku tanpa memahami.

kau memang betul.
bukan semua perkara tentang aku, kau boleh fahami.

sebab aku pun masih belum memahami diri aku sendiri.

fight the Dream

last morning before I woke up, I had a dream. I dreamed I was waking up and the harmonic sound of people reciting Quran barely heard by my half-conscious me. and took up my phone and looked at the time was like 1 in the morning. so I fight the Dream and wake up.

 because I know it's already 6 in the morning.

I hate myself

looking at those self harming picture reminds me a lot about her, and myself. but life happened to be different. impede myself with my own past world, impinge upon my imagination, immorality has been made up since you being different as what I have known you. I will take all the considerations to make a move, as how comparison between me, myself and I should be made to enforce barrier you created. sometimes I miss you, you have a beautiful, modesty of yourself hid inside your heart, closed behind your egos, carried by situations.

 I once used to call you Radio. if you remember.


 weird. once I thought people would be very egoistic. if I make a change, at least I know who are being understanding and who are being stereotypical.

Touched ;

when I know there are a beautiful treasure, hidden between the contradiction. you do have a unique at somewhere.

 "Always remember that you are absolutely unique. just like anyone else." - Margaret med

thank you, friend.