welcome to 20 year old party

when you see a chance of going further in life, you make a step. and how if I told you were wrong? a journey starts with a single step. waiting for chances to come in life, is wasting time. make your step while people don't and that would make you different. 

I'm going to have a big change in life, as I grow 20, I figured out my past quite immoral, immature, light thinking and sort of boring with irrational thing I had done. it is well, a good experience for us for making a better future. I somehow remember what I read from my friend's book saying that "good experiences come from bad decision, and good decisions come from bad experiences." well, not everyone has to do mistakes, but in sense of human being, some of us are not well-experienced in life, so this come the purpose of understanding.

love. if you have never fell for someone, I assume you are wrong. beautiful, is what people thought in a first place when we're talking about love. few years back I have learnt many things about love, for me we can't easily confess love because it is the biggest part in life that would color our future. with who are you, is who you are. we can't neglect feelings but we can hold still and think for a moment and take all consideration before you show off your feelings. a question for more clear

"Is this love comes from lust(Nafs) or not?".

the time has come and 20 years is enough for me to grow up and make a new life. take a step and keep walking, if you're down, Allah is the first place to bear in your mind and then you may come to your parents and friends. it's not wrong to share but it is importance to talk to your Creator first before consulting to people because He is the One who knows your deep heart better and He is the One who cares about you 70 times more than your mother does. so do talk to Him, share problems as you share on your Facebook and Twitter.

and always remember life ain't always what we think it ought to be. because the real life is not here, it is in the Paradise.

welcome to 20 year old party.


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