created world

when I think again about myself, I feel wrong in somewhere I don't know. the pains I am carrying, those should be carried by people too. yet understanding isn't in their list. 

I have found a new world, which is created by human's right regulated by rules and conquering the new order. I somehow slipped down in the middle of the crowd. because I can't stand up and see what's going on then I manage to sit and recall, because I have no strength to creep. 

sadness, the world looks down on me, neglects my views, ignores my presence at the time of judging and blaming are all the way. yes they don't cause harm but still harmful. 

O Allah, let the people see and understand what is the main purpose of life and differentiate life and Islam in sense of applying the right, ignoring the wrong and correct the most hard circumstances in life. O Allah, give me and my family, people who knows me, understanding of Islam, strength to apply the real Islam in life, and knowledge of Your Power. Ameen.

be steadfast.


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