well, for a quite a while I didn't make an entry about my strength in my study. I feel lost sometimes with these feeling all about life, color. I would say that adolescent is not an enjoyable time but about a period of development before entering an adulthood. wiki says it is a transitional stage of physical and mental human development generally occurring between puberty and legal adulthood.

this means a lot of situation should be faced and all these develop the maturity of someone. but mentally is the most important part of this. some of the teens would say that this is the time when we should try everything that old man can't do which they would be. mental plays a big role for this situation, how to channel and adapt the situations to great solutions.

through my observation, feeling about love and having a partner for this extend is not acceptable. they wouldn't be too serious in that matter, they just want to try and that may put them into a big problems.

and for advising me myself, love is just only for Allah by now we have been deceived by world. u say u can't live without her but yes u are still living after she dumped u. seek for Allah's love is more appreciable and u have to find the way how u can meet Him without any fear in the hereafter.


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