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I'm seeking my soul, that had made a promise to God ; long time ago.

before I'm here.

sila pergi

fikiran kau membenci, dan membuat aku menyampah.
kau mampu menunggu latihan psikologi aku? maaf.
aku tahu kau takkan mampu kerana kau LEMAH.
yang aku harapkan bukan lah cinta dari kau tetapi
cuma satu perasaan

yang tak mungkin kau dapat gambarkan. I love you and much more.

I don't want your pity

what do u call that, jealousy? I can barely hear you. I have my own path, goodnight. what do u care about? soft flesh, beautiful eyes? do I care? please, I have my own way. everything that lies on my path, I will face it and I won't ever change my way even death is my destiny.

u don't know my agony.


I'm coming home this weekend. I have to do some meditation, before the upcoming weeks.

my life is sorrow and full of happiness in dark, I wish I have an ability to go an astral travel. meet some new dead friends. exciting isn't? sometimes I feel that I have gone too far but I'm not satisfied yet. but I miss my time, to grow my love towards You, need a lot of sacrifice. I'm afraid.

people call love but I call it 'life'.



once I turned, it was beautiful. when it comes with a warm light and windy.
no it can't be mixed. it's fragile.

one day I hope I'll be better, but my heart is still sick ; painful. medicine can't cure.

no. I'm not sick, why u give those pills to me? it is my soul.
and the only one who can cure, is You.

just a drop

hello people, like I haven't updated my blog since I left home. there is no poetry, word or what so ever. I wanna make a conclusion here from what I've been through in PASUM till now. nevertheless, it is not all, just a drop.

a smile can give a thousand smile.
eyes never leave heart, but sight sometimes does.
you will never get what u want, until u know how to get what u really want.