it has crave defects

when someone tells u something, do u give all eyes and ears to them? or u just to fall on deaf ears when they start to speak? or u already have intention to object what they will be gon' to tell u? that is who are you.

I miss to say 'I love you'. not because I don't have anyone to be loved to, just I need to go back to the past and say it again. my heart is stubborn, and weak as it stands only with a word heart. I had a tough time though to find myself actually. and my thought was if I have known myself, there's no problems to describe myself even in a sentence. but my assumption is wrong and my strength has loosen.

here we go, Cikgu Zaid. Idk what should I call him. he is the best man I've ever met, super duper cool. his thought is always about how will his student be when they left the school. I adore his experiences, watching people converting to Islam, went to the every mosque on this Earth as he can, met people and says the good deeds (tabligh) and asked them to do the deeds (da'wah), his speech even has a lil bit weakness on him as he likes to mock his student (to make them feel offended and change) and his care to his student.

he is supposed to be my mentor. I'm not saying that Ustaz is my exception to me but only in certain extent :)

saya memang tak hensem jangan tengok gambar saya lama lama


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