I am alone, yes alone

I'm going further from this world. I'm going to the next stop.

whoa, since I've left my blog for days, ow maybe weeks, I feel like 'oh what I'm gonna post for the entry.' I have no idea and I've been through a tremendous break ever in my life. oh Allah, when I'm gonna continue my study? dah reput dah ni oi.

Medical study? oh do I choose that course? ingat lagi masa dulu cita cita nak jadi apa, semua pilih Doktor sebab tak tahu nak pilih apa haha tell me you are not one of them!

well thoroughly my best decision, is going to change the world. whow looks like I'm a superhero! nah I just wanna say Hi to my new world of study, change it from the joyful days I had before to the seriously years I will have later. haha bunyi macam dah nak pergi Bulan tak balik balik je kan.

so now my life is kinda unstable right now because I'm between the branches. how can I get back the feeling of 'kemanisan Iman'? because I've felt it once. but I didn't keep it strongly, as it is fragile and brittle. I let myself drown and sank.

I need to swim. yes, keep swimming. doa for me :)


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