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it's my choice

I don't know ; because sometimes I don't realize
when someone approach me and say oh Hi! then
what should I say ; because I'm not good in greeting
people ; girls

so I try to find out what the hell is going on with me
am I questioning myself about to forget Him?
sometimes I feel so far from Him, I couldn't focus
it has been a month I don't go,
the sensation of Da'wah.

I don't want to be sinned, I'm just
down. so I do recite

suratul ikhlas 3 ; suratul falaq ; suratun nas
O Allah, forgive me. Show me the straight path.

reminder for me

'bagaimanakah aku tahu bila aku ni baik?'
'apabila kau sedar yang kau tu jahat.'
'bagaimana pula aku tahu bila aku ni jahat?'
'apabila kau rasa diri kau tu sudah baik.'

I just, lie

tell the world I've a girl, best girlfriend.

now isn't the time to talk about this. because I believe in fate, destiny. I'm just a man. I envy with people who have their own mate. sharing laugh and tears. but I don't think that is the way I am supposed to go with. because my Iman is weak. very weak :(

"..ais kalau dibiarkan, cairlah dia.." cikgu Zaid

"You alone we do worship and to You alone we do turn for help. Guide us on the straight way. the way of those upon whom You have bestowed Your blessings, not of those who have been condemned by You nor of those who go astray" 1:5-7

sometimes I sinned too

I don't say that all the best thing is compulsory to be done. I do sunnah but I forget wajib. I don't know why some people look at something that is not really important and make it looks like when u missed to do, it's weird? sometimes I need time to figure my own things first, my abilities. Allah already know what will happen and that would make me wonder and hope that the bad things won't happen to me, so I pray and ask for forgiveness from Him. May Allah give me Hidayah to stand still on His path.