to the star if I really want it

"..macam mana kamu tengok orang ramai ada yang gembira berpelukan ada yang sedih menangis, macam itulah nanti kita di padang mashar. sangat seronok apabila buku catatan diserahkan melalui tangan kanan tetapi sebaliknya apabila buku catatan diterima melalui tangan kiri, malah ada yang lebih teruk daripada tu.." cikgu zaid.

it's all gifts from Allah and all praises be upon Him. but guys SPM is not like the end of the world, maybe it looks like that but take it as a stepping stone for you to keep moving on. don't pretend that u have lost everything, that's why I'd like to say keberkatan result tu yang penting because I heard many people didn't perform well in their SPM but later they're kind of successful people. one thing I'd like to tell u guys, for those who got straight A's pun they can't stop here, everyone is going to further their study and struggle again so what's the difference? study for the improvement of ummah and get the best for the next okay. may Allah show us the path of those whom Thou hast favoured.

straight A's pun bukan boleh masuk syurga kalau tak amal agama.