I feel I want something

can I be you Mr..?

no doubt, I'm sick with life sometimes ; I mean the world now. where I'm living, the time right now. how hard it would be when the world is unsuitable to be lived on. everything's ruined ; disaster, corruption, sex and many more. I'm so afraid I'm not strong enough to face this. now, I'm still young maybe because I don't have any experiences of facing the real world as my friend said 'arip, sangat berbeza life asrama dengan Universiti'. and that is I am afraid of. what ever is it, I have to do some motivation and meditation of myself, some reflection whether I have to make or change anything I should. I beg to you please take my hand when I stumble and fall cuz I don't know, what is the real thing is out there..

I miss the memories we created. so exciting, friends. it really was :(


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