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18th Birthday


Nurul Syanina

one day hope that I'll say Hi in front of you haha. may Allah give u strength to face the days :)

kau menilai aksara

I will smile as big as I can if u make this REAL on 'one day' u told me.

kalau hati kau yang aku perlu pujuk sekarang ni, lebih baik kau pujuk hati aku untuk terus memujuk kau. aku doakan kau berjaya dunia akhirat.

teach me baby

how to speak English fluently?

because I can't -,-

to the star if I really want it


"..macam mana kamu tengok orang ramai ada yang gembira berpelukan ada yang sedih menangis, macam itulah nanti kita di padang mashar. sangat seronok apabila buku catatan diserahkan melalui tangan kanan tetapi sebaliknya apabila buku catatan diterima melalui tangan kiri, malah ada yang lebih teruk daripada tu.." cikgu zaid.

it's all gifts from Allah and all praises be upon Him. but guys SPM is not like the end of the world, maybe it looks like that but take it as a stepping stone for you to keep moving on. don't pretend that u have lost everything, that's why I'd like to say keberkatan result tu yang penting because I heard many people didn't perform well in their SPM but later they're kind of successful people. one thing I'd like to tell u guys, for those who got straight A's pun they can't stop here, everyone is going to further their study and struggle again so what's the difference? study for the improvement of ummah and get the best for the next okay. may Allah show us the path of those whom Thou hast favoured.

straight A's pun bukan boleh masuk syurga kalau tak amal agama.

so how does your adrenaline work?

nervous? guys, SPM result is not everything or the end of the road u walk through, it's just a pit stop to seek how far u have to walk after this. it's not the end of everything. if u fail, just wake up and start again. Allah is the Most Merciful, He will help us. the result will not give us anything unless from His permission.

but what we have to be afraid of is where we will be in the Hereafter? I don't say I'm perfect because I couldn't be too but I'm trying to seek His blessing because I'm weak yes I am weak.

I have done a lot of sins, Allah please forgive me :(

brother gua dah besar

kalau amik gambar memang macam tu muka dia -,-

selamat hari ulangtahun beranak :)



siapa kata aku lupa?

Selamat Hari Jadi, kau.

I feel I want something

can I be you Mr..?

no doubt, I'm sick with life sometimes ; I mean the world now. where I'm living, the time right now. how hard it would be when the world is unsuitable to be lived on. everything's ruined ; disaster, corruption, sex and many more. I'm so afraid I'm not strong enough to face this. now, I'm still young maybe because I don't have any experiences of facing the real world as my friend said 'arip, sangat berbeza life asrama dengan Universiti'. and that is I am afraid of. what ever is it, I have to do some motivation and meditation of myself, some reflection whether I have to make or change anything I should. I beg to you please take my hand when I stumble and fall cuz I don't know, what is the real thing is out there..

I miss the memories we created. so exciting, friends. it really was :(

51 dah ayah aku

cool tak ayah I :)

he inspires me with lots of thing. he is the one who care in silence, love without known, and gives without taking the return. he is the only one, yes, one. my photographer ;)

happy birthday

women, this is love

when u feel u want something, u don't go for it but u just pray,
about wealth and health, and some people called love, couple.

but I don't see the beauty of those,
because I think I should find love ;
of Allah, first.
with following the way ;
like the Prophet taught us.

then mother, father, people and she :)

this is called 'working'


see what I've got. a picture with VW :)

I was bored when I'm home, unemployed and waiting for the result by staying at home like nothing happen outside there. Praises to Allah, I got a temporary job and there's a lil thing I love about my job, even though I think people don't see the goodness of the job but I'm still liking my job hehe it repeats doesn't it?

work together with friends is better ;)
kau melihat diri kau luka bila aku bersuara,
tetapi kau tiada usaha mengubatinya..
kenapa perlu mengejek diri sendiri?
dan menyalahkan situasi aku?
kerana tak suka, atau kau sengaja?
atau kau tak mampu mengubah diri kau?
aku mungkin tak sempurna, sering berdosa,
dan mungkin aku terlalu mengambil berat,
atas dosa pahala yang kau lakukan,
sehingga aku dipersalahkan. aku rasa
kerana mereka telah memerangkap diri..

yang kau pertahankan.

"..bila kita menasihati seseorang (da'wah), hidayah kepada orang yang menasihati itu pasti, tetapi hidayah terhadap orang yang dinasihati itu tak pasti. tetapi hidayah milik Allah SWT. mintalah padaNya sahaja.."

tak sengaja ke sengaja?

"..bila kita tinggalkan solat subuh sebab bangun lambat kita cakap tak sengaja, memang kita takda niat nak tinggal subuh tapi kita tidur lambat.." cikgu Zaid.

kan nampak macam sengaja -,-