I don't know what will happen and what should I do when it happens. it's kind of sad. I'm still unemployed and I know Allah gives me the best. if I keep searching vacancies and if Allah says no, no chance for me. to get money, is priceless if I don't obey Him. I was thinking if I'm home what is the most thing I most care about is my facebook account. I know it's worthless though. I wanna learn something but it doesn't look like really working at all. development of technologies, make people trap and stick to the global, artist, musics and so on. I hate myself as I said to myself I wanna do this but I did that. I know the pros and cons but I don't see life where I should go on.


nowadays, people are worried and afraid if they don't have money in their pocket and so am I. my thoughts is all about where is my 'rezeki' will be given at. I'm still not working and it's hard for me to let this flippy lappy away from my sight. despicable me.

urgh! I need strength. and hidayah Allah


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