cuti bergaya

hey this free time worsen my life huh? ramai tanya aku tak kerja ke? hey i got my own business to do and it is exactly not related with u. improvement is the most important thing in life, even dalam agama sekalipun. i am with that.

my granny is now is at hospital. has been in ward again and my mom and i is looking after her. i just got the feeling of being in the hospital how does it look the busy doctors checkin' all the patient, and sometimes the body is taken out from the ward. and i was thinking that i am pretty ready to be a doctor? or i just keep that as a dream and gonna take kind of chemicals in course or something? so ill find myself in what will i be after seeing my result.

i haven't hung with my friends yet. ya perhaps just for a quite awhile even my things are still untidied up yet. i keep my problems as my work to do during this time as my thought is always for Him and He knows what is the best for my big family. it's no biggie guys, i am free for conversation-ing. haha do text me.

whoa how nervous i am talkin' a little bit about my future :)


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