3 in 1

'Define, Analyse, Decide, Act' what a tiring day. i slept at 4 in the morning last night and had to wake up at 5 something. done for the first! and was terrible i swore haha.

ow this is called packed time. *sigh. aku baru nak keluar 3 hari on this 23rd till 25th but 23rd ni terpaksa ambil teori praktikal dan 25th ni terpaksa tolong bawa nenek aku, she got appointment with doctors, ya doctors because banyak benda yang perlu diambil kira oleh ramai doktor aku rasa sebab lain doktor lain kepakarannya (macam peribahasa 'lain padang lain belalang' kan) what the hell? haha.

now i am to choose which way i have to go through. because the 3 days away for the movement is really precious for me to take a part in but how about my granny? my license is the last choice. "o Allah, the Almighty. i wanna go, but the situation u give me is really hard, so i promise i will go out next time, u give me another chance" - i know He will arrange my time.

next time aku belok kanan :)


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