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external is unhiding scene ; it breaks when light's on
I reflect but not much ; in comparing the dual
do thee know the deal ; penetrated the membrane
has He given u a burden?
so u might be strong or ; u die in a circle of lying


'boleh teman aku ke bandar tak?' ; "pukul berapa?"
'boleh hantar aku pergi station bus tak?' ; "okay"
'i don't have transport' ; "i will fetch u up"

when it is the time for my mind to talk about my friends, i swear there is no words could be dedicated to them unless words for appreciating their kindness, as they keep staying strong with me. even though i do something wrong or total bad and it will not be a reason for them to leave me. and my pretty sure prediction that will be forever, they won't ever leave me. we are best friends forever aren't we?

friends are medicine of agony, they cure without water :)

rasa hebat

haha the title is total ass isn't it? anyway i was thinking, i was not in mood and my feelings mixed when i was posting the post before. i am sorry.

duh, i read my own blog and i was thinking that there are no chill at all. oh God! okay guys, this is the departure of contemporary, me. now u may find him quite quieter, anyway he rocks sometimes. he is not a monster as he was before and maturity has reached him, with passion and lust of getting bigger in experiences. he is Muhammad 'Arif bin Samshuri.

ngade betul lah aku ni kan haha er


unknown atok : so when u go back to school?
me : i have already finished my school time hehe *pandai pule atok ni speaking
unknown atok : oh ya ya i forgot. biasalah nak rapat dengan orang muda kena memahami mereka *sambil gelak kecil
me : betul tu tok *smiling

aku baru kenal pakcik ni sejak tiba tiba dia suruh aku ta'lim hehe.

"..yelah kita bercakap tentang cahaya dengan cahaya memang susah, tapi kita tak salahkan mereka sebab mereka tak tahu dan tak selami sendiri.." cikgu Zaid.

"..ramai kata, saya dah berdakwah melalui ceramah di masjid, di radio, di televisyen. tapi semua ke remaja remaja (yang melepak kat Mall, merempit, dll) tengok siaran yang berunsur agama? dengar stesen radio berunsur agama? pergi ke masjid dengar ceramah? jadi nak tanak kita kena jalankan usaha dakwah macam cara Nabi SAW.." cikgu Zaid

rindu cikgu Zaid :)

jan 20, 2011

i miss u so much.

well, of course i am sad of losing my beloved loved grandmother. she was very helpful and her kindness towards people would never end. she was the one and no one can even replaced her in my heart. so on we love you. even our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) cried when his son, Ibrahim died. He said, "The eyes send their tears and the heart is saddened, but we do not say anything except that which pleases our Lord". Allah is most merciful.
jangan sedih sedih. Allah Maha Penyayang. apa salahnya nenek berehat sebelum berjumpa Allah kan. kan nanti jumpa lagi di syurga Allah. insyaAllah :)


when u are in a situation which needs u to choose. i am more to complain about a little thing that makes life such a perfect even it doesn't too much. i hate being compared but in certain situation i would love to, depends. what or when would be our time is none of our business.

"Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Don't bear aversion against one another and don't be jealous of one another and be servants of Allah." Sahih Muslim

jealousy is living with us and when it is placed exactly on the right track then it will be good. the world's seduction will never end and if we are not holding on to the Qur'an and sunnah, we are probably lost in this enthusiasm of world's new order. that's the greatest test and everyone have to face it. it is everywhere guys don't u ever be a analyst? even me sometimes up and down. i am weak and sorry.

one thing, i couldn't remind but it sounds like this, "orang yang bijak ialah orang yang mengingati mati dan berusaha ke atasnya."

3 in 1

'Define, Analyse, Decide, Act' what a tiring day. i slept at 4 in the morning last night and had to wake up at 5 something. done for the first! and was terrible i swore haha.

ow this is called packed time. *sigh. aku baru nak keluar 3 hari on this 23rd till 25th but 23rd ni terpaksa ambil teori praktikal dan 25th ni terpaksa tolong bawa nenek aku, she got appointment with doctors, ya doctors because banyak benda yang perlu diambil kira oleh ramai doktor aku rasa sebab lain doktor lain kepakarannya (macam peribahasa 'lain padang lain belalang' kan) what the hell? haha.

now i am to choose which way i have to go through. because the 3 days away for the movement is really precious for me to take a part in but how about my granny? my license is the last choice. "o Allah, the Almighty. i wanna go, but the situation u give me is really hard, so i promise i will go out next time, u give me another chance" - i know He will arrange my time.

next time aku belok kanan :)


the time is coming, preparation of the future is compulsory. it is about death and afterlife. i'll keep going on this track and i pray to Allah for not to associate anything with Him. i need this worldly life. i am sorry i will be away for awhile and i will come with some new story later. this is my diary. bye bye

if there are no obstacles that lie on your path, u got something wrong with your deeds :)

write with light


not exactly pictures. it is more than that and you need to read and listen through your heart what is the pictures tell you. a photographer based on his experiences and creativity won't click till he found what he want in this world. a picture is a whole hearted story that contains more than a word - lights. i'd like to learn.MORE :)

cuti bergaya

hey this free time worsen my life huh? ramai tanya aku tak kerja ke? hey i got my own business to do and it is exactly not related with u. improvement is the most important thing in life, even dalam agama sekalipun. i am with that.

my granny is now is at hospital. has been in ward again and my mom and i is looking after her. i just got the feeling of being in the hospital how does it look the busy doctors checkin' all the patient, and sometimes the body is taken out from the ward. and i was thinking that i am pretty ready to be a doctor? or i just keep that as a dream and gonna take kind of chemicals in course or something? so ill find myself in what will i be after seeing my result.

i haven't hung with my friends yet. ya perhaps just for a quite awhile even my things are still untidied up yet. i keep my problems as my work to do during this time as my thought is always for Him and He knows what is the best for my big family. it's no biggie guys, i am free for conversation-ing. haha do text me.

whoa how nervous i am talkin' a little bit about my future :)

last part of the first

sometimes i need to talk to myself. stealing the dream is what am i aiming for. and i don't believe in having a serious relationship with someone as i don't have pretty damn much time to think about. i assume in having a special serious relationship is like a game for this moment. we make we break and continuously repeated. besides i don't have many female friends. that makes me feel free and independent. how do u think? hehe

i ve deleted the unrecognizable friends as i don't even know how they could be on my list of friends on my FB

kau tengok kakak aku


sebab diorang tak dapat tidur macam aku, jadi diorang dengki macam ni =_='

March 8 2011

OMG! nak yang ni jugak.

the bringer

the heaviest thing is responsibility. we know nothing but He knows everything. asked continuously for His mercy.

26 muharram 1432 H

by the way, happy new year for masihi too :)