today is hari raya

i awoke late, perhaps at about 6.30 a.m something. my mom kept waking me up for Subuh. i was like ah i have awaken at 4 and i looked up for my phone. my maxis number ; 8 texts. my celcom number ; 2 texts and she did reply my celcom number (XXX:juju, sorry, fallen asleep...) am i juju or was i juju before? huh. i tried to persuade her but it was hopeless. it is okay lah if she doesn't want to text me or what ever it is but at least, i want her to reply my text and answer every question of me. huh, today is hari raya. and most likely the same as hari raya before. by the way, i got my own temporary lappie from my brother, small black HP one hehe. after SPM dapat lain la<-demand giler. ah study? sucks don't remind me, i want to keep moving my ass today, kinda hyper haha. and and last but not least, pictures of hari raya will be uploaded later oraite, keep in touch bye.

eid regards, from me and my family.


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