the sadness book

well, crying is a moment that couldn't be thought of. we sad and smile, those are expressions. we cry and laugh and that will be a feeling. don't bother it, my expectation is bad, ha ha. okay now just follow the arrow and through the entrance.

rocking! i miss that stuffs. oh abang pak cik lepas SPM bawa saya rocking tau. ha ha, i got lots of plan to do right after my exam end. walao,
Iddin ; let's hang out!
Amir & Aboy ; i will come to your house, all right :)
Driving license ; if i have a chance :(
Friends ; omg, munyu munyu ok! haha
Sex and Girls ; pergi mati >:'/

well, those are wrong perhaps. because i did plan everything before but usually it haven't worked as planned .

ha just now raya raya with friends.
hey, today's mall got indoor water park? how awesome ha ha.
i played bumper car. just cars for me and john, mana pernah main do.
okay then we had a talk about arwah, so many stories about him, hearsay but i do trust my friends.
and last night, she hurt me. sampai hati dia~

kenapa lah kau tukar kaburator RXZ haih.


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