one more thing

OK regret is now with me. i don't know what to do, i do hope u read this. this is my words for u before i am going to step drastically. i am sorry. i know i did wrong to u, everything is me. i was sick that time and a lot of things kept echoing in my head, whispering something. it drove me crazy. i went home with lots of question. i didn't know what would happen to me next. here a simple word, if a boy fall sick what will he do? of course he will consult with his doctor and need a period of time to recover. and when he is okay, he will be okay. and i am the boy who was sick before. you, i am sorry okay. please talk or even text me, i am waiting here. thnx :(

kau yang takda kena mengena jangan masuk campur.


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