call him papa

today papa, sisters and i went to jusco tebrau. nah, just wanted to buy my casual wears for interview. all right then shopped at jusco, shower foam shampoo bla bla. then i bought my wears home and my bro said my shirt isn't one of the professional has. should be more contra with the slack. alaa? takpe lah, dah beli, abang tak cakap hukhuk. and today my family got new member :) eh eh met kidah, i didn't expect that she would come and greet me at giordano, haha miss u dol. lama tak jumpa en. ha so that was the ha - ha today. and tonight gonna raya rumah sebelah, and open house of nazarildo.

what should we call it?
  • Canon Rebel T2i
  • Canon EOS Kiss Digital X4
  • Canon EOS 550D

eleh, ayah yang nak en? haha


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