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i will be back soon

well, it is time to come back to serting. lepas ni berbulan - bulan lah tak update sebab tak boleh surf internet. ye lah kalau boleh sekejap je kot entahlah. by the way, thanks for the moment bakar bandar malam tadi :) so tunggu aku balik okay.

nanti aku balik aku jerit kuat - kuat. doakan SPM aku :)

call him papa

today papa, sisters and i went to jusco tebrau. nah, just wanted to buy my casual wears for interview. all right then shopped at jusco, shower foam shampoo bla bla. then i bought my wears home and my bro said my shirt isn't one of the professional has. should be more contra with the slack. alaa? takpe lah, dah beli, abang tak cakap hukhuk. and today my family got new member :) eh eh met kidah, i didn't expect that she would come and greet me at giordano, haha miss u dol. lama tak jumpa en. ha so that was the ha - ha today. and tonight gonna raya rumah sebelah, and open house of nazarildo.

what should we call it?
  • Canon Rebel T2i
  • Canon EOS Kiss Digital X4
  • Canon EOS 550D

eleh, ayah yang nak en? haha

the sadness book

well, crying is a moment that couldn't be thought of. we sad and smile, those are expressions. we cry and laugh and that will be a feeling. don't bother it, my expectation is bad, ha ha. okay now just follow the arrow and through the entrance.

rocking! i miss that stuffs. oh abang pak cik lepas SPM bawa saya rocking tau. ha ha, i got lots of plan to do right after my exam end. walao,
Iddin ; let's hang out!
Amir & Aboy ; i will come to your house, all right :)
Driving license ; if i have a chance :(
Friends ; omg, munyu munyu ok! haha
Sex and Girls ; pergi mati >:'/

well, those are wrong perhaps. because i did plan everything before but usually it haven't worked as planned .

ha just now raya raya with friends.
hey, today's mall got indoor water park? how awesome ha ha.
i played bumper car. just cars for me and john, mana pernah main do.
okay then we had a talk about arwah, so many stories about him, hearsay but i do trust my friends.
and last night, she hurt me. sampai hati dia~

kenapa lah kau tukar kaburator RXZ haih.

click on the top

hey, this is pictures of raya. actually there are a lot but i just uploaded the best. enjoy okay :) but pass by the entrance. Samshuri's.


ouh antique vespa =.= lol

got tahlil a moment of remembering

i loike this gambar really much

ice - cream time kling kling! children were happy lo

okay here the event side of my mom's family, BBQ enjoy the pictures ;

that is my retro pakcik, the one who wears the blue shirt one

hey, my father and eldest brother. yeah!

the happy faces :)

ha ini mak datins haha. my mom at the middle :p

the men

controlling the flame. uh hot!

cik Suri and Aboy, chill :)

my eldest and amir, rock :)

pak lang and pak de, cool okay :)


padan muka penat tengok gambar hhe

today is hari raya

i awoke late, perhaps at about 6.30 a.m something. my mom kept waking me up for Subuh. i was like ah i have awaken at 4 and i looked up for my phone. my maxis number ; 8 texts. my celcom number ; 2 texts and she did reply my celcom number (XXX:juju, sorry, fallen asleep...) am i juju or was i juju before? huh. i tried to persuade her but it was hopeless. it is okay lah if she doesn't want to text me or what ever it is but at least, i want her to reply my text and answer every question of me. huh, today is hari raya. and most likely the same as hari raya before. by the way, i got my own temporary lappie from my brother, small black HP one hehe. after SPM dapat lain la<-demand giler. ah study? sucks don't remind me, i want to keep moving my ass today, kinda hyper haha. and and last but not least, pictures of hari raya will be uploaded later oraite, keep in touch bye.

eid regards, from me and my family.

1 syawal

kaboom! and that is what i hear all the time. we could usually hear that kind of noises out there, loud out laugh, the laughter and children are running and playing only on a thankful day, eidulfitr. and i take this chance to wish all of you, there, stalker, gossiper, and my lovely friends ;
and i am sorry if i had done any mistakes even it wasn't my purpose or it was under my unconsciousness.

jemput datang rumah okay :)

one more thing

OK regret is now with me. i don't know what to do, i do hope u read this. this is my words for u before i am going to step drastically. i am sorry. i know i did wrong to u, everything is me. i was sick that time and a lot of things kept echoing in my head, whispering something. it drove me crazy. i went home with lots of question. i didn't know what would happen to me next. here a simple word, if a boy fall sick what will he do? of course he will consult with his doctor and need a period of time to recover. and when he is okay, he will be okay. and i am the boy who was sick before. you, i am sorry okay. please talk or even text me, i am waiting here. thnx :(

kau yang takda kena mengena jangan masuk campur.

goodbye ramadhan

this month is the best month in Islam. o God, all the things i have been through this month, i could feel the strength, the power and i just felt relax and cool. everyone says that ramadhan is a tiring month, why and so many questions. some people don't know because they just say that they r a Muslim but do they know what is the responsibility of a Muslim? i don't say that we have to do specifically as Prophet Muhammad did(sunnah) but at least, we know the things that isn't suppose to do, the wrong one. Allah is almighty, most beneficent and most merciful. do take some lesson from what had happened out there(abortion of baby, free sex, killings etc.). may Allah bless us. amen.

solat fardhu and patience is the most important :)


yeah :) being around friends is better, but being around family is the best. is it cool? haha. today im feeling great, just home last night and a little tired here. and, happy holiday :)