that is why i love u

'sometimes i feel happy with u, that is why i love u' ; u plant love in my heart

'i love your way also, hehe' ; now the love grows

'u go, im waiting.. chup papai' ; oh there are flowers now

'i love u everything, i ain't strong enough to pay ur kindness, i am so thankful to u' ; the flowers fall

'i am with him, but u still my beloved' ; i am in doubt

'arif, i am sorry.. i love u too, but now with him' ; and this is lie

u know i will wait for you but it's been too long. u left me with a word sorry!
u killed me with your beautiful eyes and your beautiful lies just to dull my pain. how stupid was i? u lied to me! why?! i would wait for year just to feel you again and i will die without you, know that! but you still scream his name! do you remember me? and please look into my eyes and honestly tell me our love is gone! u have turned your back on me! so please, tell me where is our love? where?!

please explain, i need your explanation, please..
before i do something!


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