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bored is created

"bored /bɔːd/ adj feeling tired and impatient because you have lost interest in somebody/something or because you have nothing to do"

sometimes people feel bored. refer to the definition of bored from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (above), actually this feeling is created not naturally comes from heart as people said. 'nothing to do'? we were born with technologies and enthusiasm of making a better life. that's why we couldn't live or stand without entertainment, sports, laws because we were created and so were our ancestors. all of these are inherited. the game is almost to the end and Antichrist WILL come out, that has been stated in the hadith and the Qur'an. as a Muslim we are already given the Qur'an and the hadith so what is the thing that nothing? we said oh boring, but we forgot about God, we can do solat sunat or reciting the Qur'an or the hadith. ya even me too, sometimes i feel bored. it is really hard to get out from this. i am weak, a weak muslim. but i know we are not alone, Allah is always by our sides.

to talk to Allah is solat, to listen to Allah is reciting the Qur'an :)

kipas susah mati

OMG! nak satu :)

an enormous day

nothing to be described as u know this would be an endless memories

uncountable thanks to mama and abg bujang :)

we won!

big name in football industry created ; Malaysia I love ya :)


this is a howling life and a dying world
the signs we could not even to find, God
fantasizing is a criminal of being fooled
don't judge the book by its cover?
but how to judge the uncovered book?
laud out laugh it is a shattered hope
to make all better as we are gonna fight
monarchy, outfits, meals and games
those are our enemies to be defeated
because there is no other ways as
the war is coming and that will happen

back to the true path of Islam

bukan sesuatu yang baru

penat kan? kalau kita fikir balik apa yang kita buat waktu cuti ni memang tak relevan pun. i am like dah kena poison tak boleh tengok komputer aduhai. wasting time. pergi lah belajar lagi bagus tuntut ilmu, bukan sesuatu yang baru pun kan. all the things kita buat fikir dulu dosa pahala as u know kat kampus macam mana, senior2 mesti flirt junior yang baru masuk, then tak perlu cerita pasal maksiat ni kau pun tahu sendiri kan minum arak lah apa segalanya. so pandai jaga diri, kekalkan amal agama dan pergi sana niat untuk belajar.

nanti tak lupa aku kan :) senior kau kakak aku amik degree kat UiTM

the dying world


tahniah ok kepada pelajar lepasan tingkatan 3 yang dapat result cemerlang, but the biggest success is the success of being a mu'min. we know that doa is a weapon for MU'MIN. but why our doa isn't answered by Him as we are muslim. ok simple question from me, do we care about solat? ok not the solat sunat one, but the fardhu? kalau solat sunat hari raya cukup pulak =.=

the sentence labeled as the embers. "wth?" ah aku dah tak kisah apa orang nak cakap, yang penting aku tahu dan aku ambil tahu tentang semua yang akan berlaku dalam masa beberapa tahun ni. rajin rajinlah google kat internet pasal kiamat

dunia ni dah tak lama dan filem 2012 juga mungkin adalah satu amaran kepada kita manusia jadi apa apa pun kembali kepada agama sebab kita dah jauh banyak, sangat banyak dan untuk kembali to the real path, sangat susah sebab kita semua dah berada di dalam kawalan 'mereka'.

cuba kita fikir kenapa susah nak amalkan islam yang sebenar. maksud aku islam yang sebenar tu islam pada zaman nabi, para sahabat. tahu tak? sebab tak tahu jadi rasa bosan dan bodoh je nak baca artikel aku kan

paderi dan paus dah mula rancang semua ni sejak daripada kewafatan Nabi Muhammad SAW lagi. jadi tak mudah kita nak gagalkan rancangan yang telah dirancang dengan sangat teliti sejak beberapa ribu tahun dulu. dan rancangan 'mereka' hampir berjaya dan menunggu otai mereka Dajjal(antichrist) untuk keluar. sebab tu kita rasa susah nak amal agama zaman ni, because we are already in 'their' game even though aku pun tak mampu nak keluar daripada circle 'mereka'. tak rasa pelik ke kenapa pemerintahan, pakaian, keagamaan kita sama macam 'mereka'? sebab 'mereka' memang nak jadikan kita sama dengan 'mereka'. so apa pun aforesaid kembali kepada agama dan berpeganglah pada Al Quran dan Sunnah. malas nak cerita lebih nanti kata aku tipu pulak

dah lama tak baca Al Quran dan Hadith kan.

start returning that fuckin' stuff

we're too nearly, disaster. u are too far from this and closer to nowhere. u didn't take any notes and keep saying and talking without knowing the meaning of it. this is shit, i was like kinda once before. but all the words given, the talks and everything has given to u what? agents make this brighter and beautiful. so i ain't blaming anyone unless pope and his allies, because we're born on their hands, clone of theirs then what makes 'us' different? could u see that? oh maybe u are surrounded with hardcore arms so i should give u an exception for this, what the fuck?

and for ur information i told everyone who i love, not only u.
God saves us from antichrist, amen



arif samshuri
kota tinggi, johore

hey cuti

u know how much i really appreciate my parents? they're much older than me and lots of experiences they gained in heading life. so why don't we spend some time with them, while we have a chance. so, ex spm candidates 2010, what are you waiting for?

prototaip kerja kursus 3 bulan jadual aktiviti tak buat lagi, haih nak buat apa ni xo

who are you?

i am muslim and i am very proud, being a muslim. so i will do what are the muslims supposed to do.

"Verily my solats, my ibadah, my life and my death I surrender to Almighty Allah, Creator and Lord of all the worlds. Never will I associate anything with Him. So am I commanded and I am of those who are Muslims."
-part of the do'a iftitah-

lepaskan kata kata

burung. itu analogi yang tak berani. okay satu langkah akan mengubah jarak, dan daya juga dihasilkan, selain pertukaran tenaga kimia kepada tenaga kinetik. tetapi sejauh mana jarak yang telah kita hadapi, berapa jumlah daya yang kita telah hasilkan dan berapa banyak bahan kimia yang digunakan untuk mengubahnya kepada tenaga kinetik.

adaptation in life is pain. if i ask u what is the thing that u have, is very hard to let it go? sometimes people answer 'oh of course lah my girlfriend', 'oh phone kot', 'entahlah', what ever it is. for me, memories. yes. experiences, maturity, everything's memories that i won't, or couldn't let 'em go. tak tahu lah kalau kau senang lupakan memori dulu, memang kering ah, aku respect laju laju haha.

ok pakcik spm dah mendarat, walaupun landasan yang aku bina tak kukuh mana pun tapi yang penting pakcik spm dah selamat mendarat kan. satu titik mula kedewasaan, yang aku takan dapat semudah tu kalau aku tak harungi 2 tahun kat serting. lots of thing i had learnt there and those were absolutely sweet memories.

so im gonna say thanks to all of u there, mrsm serting's students, teachers, my best friends who were sometimes having fun, bla bla with me. those will be permanently in my heart, ever. mish u lah :(


bahasa melayu
bahasa inggeris
pendidikan agama islam
additional mathematics

wish me luck! see ya
xo arif samshuri

i adore her

in different ways, listening and sharing. it's creeping like a snoopy u know. ha she sings me lullaby, and it's growing faster. the sounds make the molecules further, absorption and movement. apart from this, nothing couldn't be described and painfully said. the way u are, makes me down. hush don't speak a word, those are the things that i live for. funny. see ya in heaven ukh :)

-avril lavigne whoo whoo-

persoalan ia

sim card rejected. wth? sorry kawan kalau tak reply. tak delivered pun 。

i will be back soon

well, it is time to come back to serting. lepas ni berbulan - bulan lah tak update sebab tak boleh surf internet. ye lah kalau boleh sekejap je kot entahlah. by the way, thanks for the moment bakar bandar malam tadi :) so tunggu aku balik okay.

nanti aku balik aku jerit kuat - kuat. doakan SPM aku :)

call him papa

today papa, sisters and i went to jusco tebrau. nah, just wanted to buy my casual wears for interview. all right then shopped at jusco, shower foam shampoo bla bla. then i bought my wears home and my bro said my shirt isn't one of the professional has. should be more contra with the slack. alaa? takpe lah, dah beli, abang tak cakap hukhuk. and today my family got new member :) eh eh met kidah, i didn't expect that she would come and greet me at giordano, haha miss u dol. lama tak jumpa en. ha so that was the ha - ha today. and tonight gonna raya rumah sebelah, and open house of nazarildo.

what should we call it?
  • Canon Rebel T2i
  • Canon EOS Kiss Digital X4
  • Canon EOS 550D

eleh, ayah yang nak en? haha

the sadness book

well, crying is a moment that couldn't be thought of. we sad and smile, those are expressions. we cry and laugh and that will be a feeling. don't bother it, my expectation is bad, ha ha. okay now just follow the arrow and through the entrance.

rocking! i miss that stuffs. oh abang pak cik lepas SPM bawa saya rocking tau. ha ha, i got lots of plan to do right after my exam end. walao,
Iddin ; let's hang out!
Amir & Aboy ; i will come to your house, all right :)
Driving license ; if i have a chance :(
Friends ; omg, munyu munyu ok! haha
Sex and Girls ; pergi mati >:'/

well, those are wrong perhaps. because i did plan everything before but usually it haven't worked as planned .

ha just now raya raya with friends.
hey, today's mall got indoor water park? how awesome ha ha.
i played bumper car. just cars for me and john, mana pernah main do.
okay then we had a talk about arwah, so many stories about him, hearsay but i do trust my friends.
and last night, she hurt me. sampai hati dia~

kenapa lah kau tukar kaburator RXZ haih.

click on the top

hey, this is pictures of raya. actually there are a lot but i just uploaded the best. enjoy okay :) but pass by the entrance. Samshuri's.


ouh antique vespa =.= lol

got tahlil a moment of remembering

i loike this gambar really much

ice - cream time kling kling! children were happy lo

okay here the event side of my mom's family, BBQ enjoy the pictures ;

that is my retro pakcik, the one who wears the blue shirt one

hey, my father and eldest brother. yeah!

the happy faces :)

ha ini mak datins haha. my mom at the middle :p

the men

controlling the flame. uh hot!

cik Suri and Aboy, chill :)

my eldest and amir, rock :)

pak lang and pak de, cool okay :)


padan muka penat tengok gambar hhe

today is hari raya

i awoke late, perhaps at about 6.30 a.m something. my mom kept waking me up for Subuh. i was like ah i have awaken at 4 and i looked up for my phone. my maxis number ; 8 texts. my celcom number ; 2 texts and she did reply my celcom number (XXX:juju, sorry, fallen asleep...) am i juju or was i juju before? huh. i tried to persuade her but it was hopeless. it is okay lah if she doesn't want to text me or what ever it is but at least, i want her to reply my text and answer every question of me. huh, today is hari raya. and most likely the same as hari raya before. by the way, i got my own temporary lappie from my brother, small black HP one hehe. after SPM dapat lain la<-demand giler. ah study? sucks don't remind me, i want to keep moving my ass today, kinda hyper haha. and and last but not least, pictures of hari raya will be uploaded later oraite, keep in touch bye.

eid regards, from me and my family.

1 syawal

kaboom! and that is what i hear all the time. we could usually hear that kind of noises out there, loud out laugh, the laughter and children are running and playing only on a thankful day, eidulfitr. and i take this chance to wish all of you, there, stalker, gossiper, and my lovely friends ;
and i am sorry if i had done any mistakes even it wasn't my purpose or it was under my unconsciousness.

jemput datang rumah okay :)

one more thing

OK regret is now with me. i don't know what to do, i do hope u read this. this is my words for u before i am going to step drastically. i am sorry. i know i did wrong to u, everything is me. i was sick that time and a lot of things kept echoing in my head, whispering something. it drove me crazy. i went home with lots of question. i didn't know what would happen to me next. here a simple word, if a boy fall sick what will he do? of course he will consult with his doctor and need a period of time to recover. and when he is okay, he will be okay. and i am the boy who was sick before. you, i am sorry okay. please talk or even text me, i am waiting here. thnx :(

kau yang takda kena mengena jangan masuk campur.

goodbye ramadhan

this month is the best month in Islam. o God, all the things i have been through this month, i could feel the strength, the power and i just felt relax and cool. everyone says that ramadhan is a tiring month, why and so many questions. some people don't know because they just say that they r a Muslim but do they know what is the responsibility of a Muslim? i don't say that we have to do specifically as Prophet Muhammad did(sunnah) but at least, we know the things that isn't suppose to do, the wrong one. Allah is almighty, most beneficent and most merciful. do take some lesson from what had happened out there(abortion of baby, free sex, killings etc.). may Allah bless us. amen.

solat fardhu and patience is the most important :)


yeah :) being around friends is better, but being around family is the best. is it cool? haha. today im feeling great, just home last night and a little tired here. and, happy holiday :)

implicit of it

dinihari, makan memenuhi kontrak yang dibenarkan dan bukan lapar yang dikira - kira tetapi bagaimana kita menyusun tentera tentera iman bagi menundukkan nafsu.

jika ramadhan masih tidak membantu, bermakna anda kalah dalam peperangan nafsu.
senjata nafsu telah digadai, antara mampu atau tidak kita mengalahkan mereka.

puasa itu menahan diri daripada melakukan perkara - perkara yang boleh membatalkan puasa.
bukan menahan diri daripada makan sahaja.

- salam ramadhan -

dah, dah, buat latihan.. SPM

kau bahagia harapnya

almarhum muhammad fakhri bin haslin - 3 ogos 2010 - 44 hari selepas umrah

- al-fatihah -

tekanan menekan - nekan

now listen... do u hear that? uh no? what? it is talking. ya kinda, what does it say? i do not know. hey? what? look there. hush, i am listening.

sekarang ni, imaginasi-ing je hari hari. otak asyik dikerah untuk menghafal, belajar macam robot. tapi bila fikir balik, tinggal berapa bulan je lagi untuk aku pakai baju peach seluar coklat, baju biru cair seluar biru hitam, kena pergi morning call, kena marah dengan cikgu bla bla. nanti mesti rindu semua tu. mungkin aku belum cukup dewasa untuk meninggalkan semua itu tapi sekurang - kurangnya aku belajar sesuatu dari situ. sekarang memang sibuk macam semut. dan sangat tertekan juga ye kawan kawan :)

spm dah tempah tiket penerbangan secara solo untuk sampai ke mrsm serting. jadi aku perlu bina landasan untuk kapal dia mendarat dengan baik :)

sekarang ada hobi baru

baca komik kat :p haa join lah

masih sama

selalunya tak mungkin semua sama, aku dah macam lali, kaku dan ringan. kalau kena tiup memang aku lah melayang dulu. aku rindu kau semua, bila semuanya dah nak okay rapat rapat, time tu lah kita dipisahkan. tapi aku harap, kita masih yang sama, di bawah satu bumbung yang sama, IS. dan semuanya pasti akan berubah kalau kau semua biarkan ia pergi. rindu bodoh :(

well, i am okay here

semua okay kat sini. tapi macam aku sorang je yang tak okay en. emosi aku ni cepat sangat berubah. kau punya pasal lah ni! love konon, sekarang macam tahi kau layan aku! lie to me again come on baby muax hm love u muax muax kinda happy with u la i love u ; beautiful lies isn't?! bodoh. aku macam apa kat sini, kau sangat happy kat sana. haha takpa lah sayang. i am okay here.

'siapa sokong Sepanyol?!' takda respon daripada sape pun kecuali Prehma and Bala je kot. semua harok kat Jerman tu. ape entah ade kat Jerman tu. then Sepanyol menang, dah semua sokong Sepanyol pulak, wth? haha. actually aku sokong Sepanyol pun because ramai players dia dari Barcelona en, i am Barca's u know!
perempuan lagi satu hal =.= suka tengok body players je, gila seks. bhaha. orang tengok sistem, cara main, skills semua, bukan tengok body uw haih.

one thing, kau tahu, 45 days to go. trial MARA, lebih penting daripada SPM kot, entahlah. tapi apa apa exam pun for sure we have to fight for straight A's kan? tak kisah lah. yang penting fokus dan semangat!

kau bukan sayang aku, baik aku sayang diri aku

aku kata kau marah

ulasan terbaik, sangat baik. jadi aku rasa kau dah boleh lampirkan kesemua kertas yang kau ada dan buang atau bagi pada aku. sebab ulasan aku masih belum baik. dua benda penting dalam satu masa, mana boleh fokus, bodoh!

aku kata kau marah, jadi aku buat

hello serting

this was before, now i botak =.=

ok now the time has come. serting mali =.= kau selalu nampak aku happy kan :) tapi memang aku happy pon bhaha, err actually i am not. my heart is still bleeding. i try to stop but no one can help me unless her :( oh god please help me to set my psyche that she is just my friend pleeaase. ok aku botak tadi, bhaha. malu ~ shy =.= and aku nak rambut aku dulu waa~ encik SPM on his way to meet me so aku nak prepare something untuk dia :) balik dulu ye. jumpa nanti kalau aku ada cuti papai semua :(

bald is bad is it?

that is why i love u

'sometimes i feel happy with u, that is why i love u' ; u plant love in my heart

'i love your way also, hehe' ; now the love grows

'u go, im waiting.. chup papai' ; oh there are flowers now

'i love u everything, i ain't strong enough to pay ur kindness, i am so thankful to u' ; the flowers fall

'i am with him, but u still my beloved' ; i am in doubt

'arif, i am sorry.. i love u too, but now with him' ; and this is lie

u know i will wait for you but it's been too long. u left me with a word sorry!
u killed me with your beautiful eyes and your beautiful lies just to dull my pain. how stupid was i? u lied to me! why?! i would wait for year just to feel you again and i will die without you, know that! but you still scream his name! do you remember me? and please look into my eyes and honestly tell me our love is gone! u have turned your back on me! so please, tell me where is our love? where?!

please explain, i need your explanation, please..
before i do something!

perlukah aku memelukmu?

perak bibit bibit manis ditipu oleh sang pelangi
rencaman warna ; merah jingga kuning hijau biru
dan pelakon inilah yang menipu tubuhnya sendiri
dengan susunan kata kata yang senantiasa menari
seperti taburan gula yang menunggu mati yang abadi

perlukah aku pelukanmu untuk terus hidup?
engkau seperti diperlukan di dalam kancah ini
kerana engkau telah merancang dan membina
kau telah meniduriku bersama sama sang rindu

hati ini dahulu berkira kira dalam sesuatu
tetapi gelora membidas dada mengilas jiwa
seribu buah pertanyaan yang hampir busuk
setelah isi lengkungan yang kau bina kini
dihabisi dengan aksara aksara yang rapi
yang selalunya ia megah apabila berdiri
setinggi mana langkah yang kau pamerkan
kau masih tak mampu menyembunyikan diri
kerana identiti palsu engkau itu adalah chentaku

perlukah aku memelukmu, chentaku?

keputusan entah apa apa

semalam dekat rumah nenek i just did fine. i started to learn keyboard haha. rumah nenek gua ade piano bhai ini meruntuhkan perasaan seorang pemusik ni haha. takpe takpe satu hari nanti aku beli =.= haha. i just got the result, online punya, and i was like WTF?! 77 tu A ke B+? adoi kalau SPM macam tu siapa je yang dapat straight A's =.= haha. takpe lah i had done my damn best ever, tapi agak frust juga ye kaawan kawan :( sebab harapan terakhir nak salam pengetua tak dapat dah..wey aku bukan nak salam dia sangat, aku nak sijil penghormatan tu la =.= wey. daem! haha

ahad nak dating ngan kakak, jangan jealous

tengok sendiri

takda nak describe apa pun.

nanti kat U baru aku pakai baju silat balik -,-

oh i am fine


this was chenta aku


arif knows it was his mistake. totally his. but kau takan tanak maafkan arif? kau cakap ok tapi kau macam tu lagi. oh arif realized now why awak selalu mintak putus masa arif couple dengan awak dulu. sebab awak suka kau kan? why awak didn't tell arif? why awak kept this all secret? awak want to see arif suffer kan :) takpe takpe awak buat arif macam ni. sakit awak buat arif memang tak nampak tapi arif ada parut awak buat. awak dah berubah and everything arif has known about awak. sebab arif ada effort cari maklumat tentang awak. sekarang after arif knows everything about awak. awak leave arif so get loss chenta leave arif's world too. now the call arif waited for, the date arif hoped for, the tears arif cried, the love arif wanted and the heart that awak broke are gone, raedio :|

arif still loves awak :(

forgive me , envy

how could you, my sweet love? did u love me actually? why u deceived me? u fed my heart with your lovely words, and when it was growing up, u put - my belief, my love, my honor, my honesty, under your feet and u stepped on it. if before this u said that u want me to be as your motherfucker friend and for that i would be. but it was too late, darling too late. i won't throw back the love u had created in my heart. because i want to save it for my revenge. and my tears will fall. i assure.

i still love u , radio :( can i cry?


i m proud to be here. i m proud to be discriminated. i m proud to be defeated. i m proud to be shoved by u. i m proud to be as sucks as u did on me. u r a liar. if u do not even love me, why u gave me a hope that day! i have set my mind that u r mine, and now u left me with a word sorry? fuck off darling. now i m erasing u. hardest as i could even i have to break my heart, dive in deeply, searching for u and i will pull u harder out from my heart. and i know it isn't easy for me to do all that but this all what u really wanted! thank you, rae.

i letak u dengan nas , fakhri , sapik . . . bla . . .


i have told everyone if i entered this tournament, i will do my best. the best man win. haha well, i am not the best, i just did my best, from what i have learned. it was just daerah so it wasn't too hard huh, gila kinda hard u know -.- i gained experiences and it was good for me at least. by the way thanks a lot to cik Shamsul, my teacher, a good teacher actually in this arena :) till i got this..

1st (category H) and pesilat terbaik ? haha

dah dah sambung kat Universiti nanti :)

harapan juara sekali lagi

Pertandingan Tertutup Pencak Silat Daerah Jempol
Date : 3rd - 5th June 2010
Category H : 59kg - 62kg

doakan emas lah kali ni :)

it ain't easy to get what u want

to make something feels better is better for us
to make someone feels good is good for us
to make people feel love is a love for us
to make words for someone is wanting for love
to make somebody understands is understanding
but to make words for lovely life forever after
is something that never been understood by people

understanding a truly love is a way for a better life

tolong baling cemburu kau ke bawah

dulu kau kata aku ego? kau betul, aku egois
aku tak pernah fikirkan perasaan engkau
engkau sentiasa memikirkan perasaan aku
terima kasih kawan tapi aku rasa
kau tak pernah fikirkan semua ini
sekarang engkau dah dapat apa yang engkau mahu
tiada lagi masalah yang perlu kau fikirkan
tapi kenapa masih perlu kau menimbulkan masalah lagi?
aku tak pernah tahu engkau dah memegang erat hati dia dulu
aku cuma tahu melalui orang, kata kata yang mudah membohong
dan bukannya daripada mulut engkau sendiri, kawan :)
engkau dah dapat segala galanya, apa lagi yang engkau mahu?
engkau takut aku rampas dia daripada engkau? tolong
daripada engkau takut, sepatutnya engkau berfikir
tentang masa depan engkau dan dia akan hadapi nanti
tak perlu lagi engkau risau tentang masalah hati kerana
tak mungkin, aku yakin dia tak mungkin beralih
daripada terus memandang engkau
jadi aku nak engkau tahu, tak mudah seorang wanita
untuk kembali setelah dikecewakan oleh seorang lelaki
dan engkau perlu hargai semuanya sebelum semuanya pergi

itu baru belajar

'now it really happened. and it was cool. final exam, done. yeay.'
description pertama yang aku nak bincang sekarang. final exam? totally macam okay tapi specifically macam tahi. add math was bad, how could it be the hardest subject? for me la but idk the others. first time bai aku tak jawab banyak soalan. even aku dah study, (tapi sikit je la haha) wey study jugak tu tak dapat jawab jugak. hampa bai haha. physics tu, okay je lah cuma kantoi kat paper 2 structure and essay die tu. biology, pun same saje macam physics. chemistry? OMG im falling in love with that subject u know, haha, so im gonna say kinda good (: ! bahasa melayu dan inggeris pun biasa je, oh oh mod math agak susah sedikit ok, hm agama okay jugak cuma ada lupa lah tajwid tu -.- tak boleh jadi imam la ni waa~ dan nah, sejarah! aku boleh tertidur kat bilik Lul pulak, adoi nasib baik ada budak tu kejut, haih dah la tak baca apa pun, paper 2 pulak tu aiya, mau mati ka arip? haha so hope ok lah result for final ni. i really hope and totally wanted that 3.5. hm okay.

tapi paling susah dalam dunia sivik dengan pendidikan jasmani la bhaha.

kecelaruan mental terkini

padamkan lampu dan cuba selami ke dalam lurah ini
yang penuh dengan kata kata yang pucat, lesu dan lesi
kau masih tidak mengerti bukan? atau kau berpura pura mati?
mungkin aku perlu bertanya kembali kepada diri sendiri
setelah hampir lima tahun
menanti sesuatu yang tak mungkin akan kembali lagi

cantik tak background baru aku -.-'

will be updated

in order to follow the instruction of heart
i have to change everything to let it go but not now
all the answer have been answered, thanks.

im home on 7 june

i love screaming and it is good

okay my result for this standardize 2 sem 1 was pretty good for me because i have done my best and i can see my improvement. yes i am stupid and imbecile sometime and that's why i study well and struggle for it. it wasn't easy to get what i really want because i know, there is no glory by doing nothing :) and now i am doing something.

mom dad i miss you -.-

okay lah

cukuplah sekadar kau tahu
kehadiran kau memang cukup indah
sangat indah tapi
kadang kadang aku tak akan dapat
apa yang aku idamkan dan mungkin
itu yang terbaik untuk aku
jadi selepas ini
letakkan tangan kau pada bahu aku
dan tolong jangan lepaskan
kerana tak semudah bagi aku
untuk semua itu berlaku
sometime we have to sacrify something to let 'em happy :l

tak mungkin akan musnah kan?

sebelum ni, setiap hari kau ada
jadi selepas ini aku harap kau masih ada kerana
kita tak pernah putus kan? tak akan pernah putus

malam malam teman i lagi tau, kawan :)

i live without soul now

i feel empty, now gotta strive, study hard, and then i wanna go away, far far away from here. i won't crush on anyone and that will be. best be single, no.. unless i found someone looks like her really. i hope so. though i know it won't be happen. goodbye for good.

MRSM serting now :(

kosong tanpa harapan

blog semakin suram tanpa ruangan ruangan berdarah yang baru. mungkin selepas SPM blog ini akan dimuatkan dengan aksara aksara merah yang menarik. maaf. mungkin terlalu sibuk dan tertekan. rindu..

kan itu perasaan

well, all of us have a feeling. jadi tak perlu risau kerana perasaan itu akan datang bila sampai waktunya. cuma masalahnya sekarang, macam mana kita nak salurkan perasaan tu? macam mana kita layan perasaan tu? dan macam mana kita zahirkan perasaan tu? it is a complicated matter guys. it can't be described by words. boleh tak korang bagitahu aku macam mana rasanya bila sakit? sedih? gembira? sayang? come on dudes, tell me.

jadi konklusinya, aku rasa (sekadar rasa) perasaan tu tak mungkin dapat disalurkan melalui perkataan. words :) just only a little smiley u wrote, it doesn't mean that u re happy. u know hows my feeling right now? NO.

'channel your feelings through your body' huh, it isn't a big deal. mata, sangat sempurna. mata tak pernah menipu. walaupun kau berpura pura gembira, hakikatnya kau sedih, mata akan sedih. tak perlu menipu lagi kawan kawan. share your sadness and happiness with someone u trust. and that will be great. okay :)

im goin back to serting. tata~

21 march 1988

happy birthday, my eldest brother
muhammad afif bin samshuri

abang aku okay :)

i don't want this moment please

i miss you so much :(

serting lagi -.-

i will

r : i felt guilty. i didn't give u anything. what do you want from me?
a : i want you.
r : gimme a time.
a : i am waiting!

i will do anything for you, i love you.

happy birthday

19 march 1993
nur izzati binti zaaba

esh aneh aneh lah

kadang kadang luka
kadang kadang gembira
boleh saya tahu kenapa?

hey fuck off

slapped and kicked. it is nice isn't? :)


klimaks jiwa kacau

kepetahan lidah yang bodoh
jeritan hati yang resah
namun malam tetap membisu
sungguh usaha telah dikerah
mahupun otak telah dipecah
masih belum berhasil
setiap satu aksara
membawa seribu minda
jadi, lelahkan ego anda
supaya kita dapat terus bersama

'tolong panggilkan dia'


kau malaikat bukan? kau tak pernah melakukan dosa. aku tahu kau memang sempurna. tapi aku lebih memandang kepada apa yang kau beri kepada aku. bukan material tetapi ihsan. bukan di hadapan sahaja, malah di belakang aku. sedangkan kau menghina perlakuan aku yang sebenarnya kau pun sama. jadi aku tarik balik kata kata aku tadi dan aku lemparkan semula, kau syaitan, menghasut dan berpura - pura. aku ingat lagi apa yang kau nasihat pada aku dulu. cuba kau renung dan pantulkan ia semula kepada kau sendiri. aku tak kata aku tak pernah berdosa, tetapi sekurang kurangnya aku tidak berbangga dengan dosa dan tidak membebankan persekitaran yang semakin hari semakin muak dengan tingkah laku bodoh kau. dan aku percaya kepada hikmah daripada sebaris ayat ni 'si bodoh akan digemari dengan orang orang yang bodoh'. MAAF.

serba sedikit terpalit pada baju aku. aku tahu, nanti aku basuh.

gangsa sahaja

separuh akhir dikalahkan pesilat dari mrsm pengkalan hulu. haih, kenapalah kau sapu aku awal awal. tapi aku nak cakap, jatuhan kedua tu batal okay. masa tu juri terlelap mungkin. penat je aku batalkan tangkapan kau. jadi secara ghaibnya aku menang tau haha.

gangsa okay tak :)

harapan juara


waktu peninggalan sementara buku sekolah digantikan dengan latihan bunuh diri yang kejam. harap masa yang diluangkan berbaloi dengan membawa kemenangan pulang. amiin.

nama : muhammad arif bin samshuri
berat : 61.5 kg
tinggi : 172.5 cm
kategori : silat olahraga kelas C putera

a great solution

I'm so tired. no time to rest and study. i haven't revised yet so how will my papers look like. with problems around me, i am never feeling great. i need someone to share my problems but i have no one. thanks miss emmy, u gimme a hope and i was motivated. darling, u are my truly inspiration, u always be with me when i need u. every seconds with u, extremely makes my problems gone, i love you. now i have the simplest solution for my problems.

'you just ignore them, they are hypocrite'

thanks for being my valentine

u know how much i sheer need u in my life. i am lost without u. this envy hurting me. 'thanks for being my valentine' and i am stunned on that words. it cured back my wound from bleeding. all i want u to know that i will always be your valentine. i ain't just being on 14 february but every days.

i love u <3

fuck valentines day!

aku tak pernah lupa

kau tahu adress aku kan
baris kedua lajur pertama
pernah tak kau luahkan sekejap
sekejap sahaja aku harap
sebab aku tak boleh ke kau
sebab aku tak mungkin ketiga
setelah kau punyai dia

aku tak suka nak menyampuk perbualan orang
lagi lagi lelaki dan perempuan, maaf

home sweet home


im home and tired. so i need rest. phew.. so, goodbye zZ :)


merendahkan frekuensi rindu yang terlalu tinggi
habis punat ditekan, masih tinggi
terpaksa balik untuk diperbaiki -.-

gagal mengawal frekuensi rindu


oh i cant wait for hols. sekarang ni aku sangat sibuk. yang pastinya aku malas nak cerita hal apa yang terjadi pada diri aku kat blog ni. cuma masalah dan perasaan cukup. dan aku tak mungkin cerita bulat bulat, seperti entri sebelum ni. jadi hanya sesetengah pembaca sahaja yang akan memahami dan mendalami masalah aku. sekarang pembaca semua bolehlah membina sel sel otak yang baru untuk memahami dan membuat ideologi baru tentang pendarahan terbaru yang aku rasai sekarang ni.

p/s : satu organisasi akan ditubuhkan tahun hadapan hehe

sempadan yang sepi

persoalan demi persoalan dirotan
tapi ia masih merogol hati yang masih bermimpi
menerkam tatkala mencapai najam yang berduri
serta menghalang laluan yang tidak berpenghuni ini

wajar tak kalau semua perkara dipersoalkan?
oleh mulut mulut hingusan yang baru berdiri
hanya sedikit ideologi baru yang dianggap tinggi
bagi diri mereka yang tidak tahu menilai sendiri

kenapa semua masih membisu dan berlari?
tak bolehkah sesaat engkau menoleh dan berhenti
kerana aku masih tidak mampu melepasi sempadan ini
kerana itu, sempadan ini dianggap sepi

hiraukan aku kalau kau betul betul tak mahu
tapi sebelum engkau berlalu ke arah tujumu itu
menarikan pen itu seraya layangkannya kepada aku
supaya aku tahu, kenapa kamu semua selalu begitu

terima kasih untuk semuanya :(



im bleeding. from heart to words darken my life. i love blood. its complicated. i got that pain everyday. kinda hurt but its okay because u gave me ur lips. and we're having a gentle kiss. the medicine to cure my pain. and i will give u my all.

everyday im striving to pull my hot-tempered down. sorry.

okay bye


ada masalah sila hantar surat
sebab aku memang tak suka bercakap
luahkan ia melalui perkataan

modem rumah sudah rosak
jadi aku post entri entah apa apa
nanti aku balik lagi

panorama malam

aku tak tahu kenapa aku keliru sekarang ni. okay aku perlukan penjelasan. aku sekarang memang tak stabil. malam memang kehidupan aku dan siang aku bermasalah.

semuanya teori aku, padan muka dia haha.

lagi sekali

lagi sekali percubaan melepaskan diri dari dunia perasaan

boleh tak hentikan masa seketika ?
kerana aku sangat memerlukan masa . bersama dia .

brother love Xfm, tolong saya boleh :)

here, radio


aku tahu tak sedap tapi aku nak main jugak -.- untuk kau

no one that ive ever known



and im waiting 2011 to free :)


1 jadi diri sendiri

2 kurangkan online
as well aku nak SPM kan

3 kurangkan keluar rumah

4 banyakkan membaca

oleh kerana tahun ni tahun penting jadi apa salahnya untuk tahun ni sahaja kurangkan lemak ketawa , lemak degil , lemak malas kan ?